Strategic Framework

  • We provide quality services in education, in both the public and private sector.
  • Our programs are focused on developing human expertise.
  • We provide our clients with customized programs, products and services in supporting them to achieve their goals and reach a state of organizational excellence.
  • We are proud to be a values-based organization with a commitment to constantly
    improving our services, creative abilities and ourselves.
  • We believe that common sense and diligence can exist seamlessly alongside big
    ideas and innovation.
  • We realize that extraordinary performance is an inevitable consequence of hard teamwork and total involvement.
  • That is why we created an environment that is based on a value system which encourages individuality, while demanding professional and effective co-operation from all involved.

M Power Values


  • are honest and uncompromising in our quest for quality and excellence;
  • prefer to see our clients as partners in order to ensure long term results;
  • are committed to the transformation of our society and strive for equity and anti-discrimination in all that we do;
  • value learning and recognize the need to constantly strive for an atmosphere that produces innovation by maximizing people's development and performance


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